Highly efficient, compact and flexible
Innovative electronics

Our team of experienced engineers has a strong background in power electronics. We have contributed to the development of numerous power converter systems in the areas of renewable energy, energy storage and e-mobility, including the first ever build solar inverter with an efficiency above 99%. With our wireless power systems we reach a best-in-class efficiency of up to 95% (grid to battery).

Sophisticated coil design

The dimensioning of a wireless power coil system is a complex task and depends on many variables. We are able to operate the resonant circuit at high frequencies in order to get very compact designs. Our strength is that we don’t consider the coils as an independent device, but always together with the power electronics in order to get the best possible solution for each application.

Modern battery systems

We have great expertise in modern battery technologies and offer individual consulting to our clients, helping them to find the best storage solution to fit their specific needs. With our large network of suppliers we are also able to ship complete solutions consisting of battery, battery management unit (BMU) and wireless charging system.

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